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No sane man would not be angry at the extreme cruelty allegedly inflicted by child trafficker, Liezyl Margallo (a.k.a. Savage Girl), and his Australian pedophile partner, Peter Gerard Scully, on 18 month old baby which was reported to be recorded in several brutal videos. According to the latest shocking news in Cebu City, Philippines (the place where Savage Girl was caught), the investigators who viewed the video described it as the worst child pornography video they have ever seen. Daisy was not their only victim though as they have done grave abuses to other little girls in the country killing one in the process. In my opinion, these people are not humans but demons! They are probably the worst criminals in this world! I never thought such evil of this magnitude could exist. Since the death penalty is not yet in effect in the Philippines, I can't help but wish that I have a deathnote so I can write down their names and send them back to hell. Recent update: The link to the videos of savage girl (Daisy's Destruction) has already circulated online causing widespread anger among netizens who are calling on President Duterte to immediately reinstate the death penalty. Credit to the following: The anime Deathnote, nextshark.com, Cebu Daily News, Banat News, The Freeman Cebu, Superbalita Cebu, Sun.Star Cebu, Inquirer.net, Rebecca Le Tourneau (producer of "Catching A Monster") and to the other owners of the pics used here (Sorry I can't determine who)
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